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These are search "engines" that allow you to search the Internet for a given topic by entering some key phrases. If you need to find something on the 'web, click on one of them, enter some keywords and you'll be presented with lists of pages that match your interests.

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OG+E System Watch
OG+E posts the view of their system. This will show real time power outages.
McCoy Tree Surgery Equipment Manuals
These are digital versions of the owners manuals for all equipment operated by McCoy Tree Surgery.
Business Forms
Blank business forms.
McCoy Tree Surgery Equipment Photos and Information
This is the McCoy Tree Surgery interactive equipment listing. The equipment is listed in various methods so you can find what you need in a hurry. Over 3,300 photos are available. This is password protected. Please see Mark Kleine for access.
McCoy Tree Surgery Equipment Paperwork and Forms
This is the McCoy Tree Surgery interactive paperwork and forms listing. All forms used by MTS are listed here in .PDF format and can be viewed or printed. This is password protected. Please see Mark Kleine for access.
McCoy Tree Surgery CSW Online Production
This is the McCoy Tree Surgery Central & Southwest Online Production information. This is password protected. Please see Mark Kleine for access.
Nationwide 401(k) Online System
This is the Nationwide's online financial system. This is password protected.
Amateur Radio Related Links
This page lists links to various Amateur Radio pages found on the Internet. If you wish more information or wish to get licensed, contact Mark Kleine . Novice / Technician class starting January.
AS/400 Links
This page has links to various IBM AS/400 midrange computer pages.
Automotive Links
You want a new car? You need a new car? Here's some links that will keep you up to date on the latest and greatest on 4 wheels.
Linux Links
Links to pages that help the Linux user.
Location Links
This page has links to various cities and places that I have either been to, I find interesting, or I have an interest in.
JAVA Links
JAVA looks like the new standard of the "Next Generation" of computing. Look here for a peek.
McCoy Tree Surgery Year 2000 Report
Current MTS Year 2000 report.
News Links
These pages are a good source of news and current information.
OS/2 Links
Links to various pages that are handy using IBM's OS/2.
Other Links of Interest
Other links that are too various to classify. Video cameras and other oddities can be found here.
Paul's Frequent Links
Paul Kleine's home page his favorite links.
Mrs. Kleine's Frequent Links
Mrs. Kleine's Home page of her favorite links.
Sam Noble Museum of Natural History Friends of the Museum
Pages of information about the "Friends of the Museum" organization. This group helps to fund projects for the museum and raises community awareness about this exciting new building project.
Space Links
STS-80 is scheduled for an early morning launch late November 1996. Mark's a NASA nut.... Take a look at some of these links and you may become one too!
Reference Material
Here's a page that's full of ALL kinds of reference material. Very Interesting....
Weather Links
These pages will give you some looks at the weather.

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Cleveland County Red Cross
Information about the Cleveland County Red Cross.
McCoy Tree Surgery Home Page
McCoy Tree Surgery's Home page.

Mark Kleine